Run flows sequentialy from a main flow

(Clément Beaujoin) #1

I had a very big flow (more than 100 tasks), that was a nightmare to manage and for my browser.
So, I split it in 7 small flows.
I exptected to have a main flow who will sequentialy trigger the small flows.
But it seems the behavior is not as I expected, the seven small flows are triggered in parallel.

Is there any solution, that will not consist to trigger each flow at the end of the previous one ?


(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @Clement_Beaujoin,

You can link flows together by using the Trigger a Flow action. Your starting flow would need to be setup using a Bot Trigger (New Message or Catch-All). Your other flows should then use a ‘Flow’ trigger so that you can trigger them by using the Trigger a Flow action with a matching keyword.

(Clément Beaujoin) #3

Thx for your response, I already know that I could use the Trigger Flow action but I was expecting an other solution.

For information I go trought the following architecture :

Catch All -> Main Flow metada->step “blank”
—> Flow1 : at the end trigger Main flow with metadata->step = flow2
-> Main Flow metadata-> step = flow2
—> Flow 2

Main Flow metada-> step = validate/modify
–> Flow validate/modify -> trigger flow1 or 2 or … with metadata->modify = true
Main Flow metadata=> modify = true
–> Flow validate modify

Not very natural and sequential but works, in some other case Main Flow is called recursively.

The wrong part of it is that I can’t use my sub flows in an other main flow because the trigger action is done in subflows :frowning: