"RestrictChatMember" on Telegram for bots for SuperGroups

(Wadea) #1

Is there a way to use “restrictchatmember” as it is avalable on Telegram for bots for super groups?

Source: https://core.telegram.org/bots/api#restrictchatmember

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(Sarah Palombo) #2

I’m not 100% sure with this. (sorry)

Usually when your making reference to telegrams API, you can use HTTP request telegrams docs should say what you should include in your request,

Kellsey shows an example request [here] but this is for another feature (request location) so don’t copy that example, it should give you an idea, The parameters you should use are listed in the link you’ve shown (https://core.telegram.org/bots/api#restrictchatmember3)

hope that gives you an idea :relaxed:


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(Wadea) #3

Thank you so much for giving me a useful link.


(Marcel Alexandru) #4

Hi! Have you managed to make a bot made with Flow XO ban someone? If yes can you guide me to do the same thing for my bot?


(Marcel Alexandru) #5

Hi! I’m new and I want to try to make a not that can ban users using flow XO and maybe you can give me more information? Your link with the example is also gone

(Daniel Beckett) #6

Hi Marcel,

What kind of scenario are you wanting to ban someone on? If you need a bot to listen out for keywords / phrases and kick a user from the group if they say them then that’s pretty easy using a new message trigger followed by a custom request. For example:

The bot is set to ‘overhear’ for the word ‘ban’ so that if a user says it their user ID will be passed into the following custom request:

  "chat_id": "{{new_message.channel_id}}",
  "user_id": "{{new_message.user_id}}"


Method = kickChatMember

With the above flow setup, any user in the group that says the word ‘ban’ would be kicked from the group by the bot. You’ll need to make sure your bot has the right admin privileges in the group though.

Here’s an example flow:

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Thanks it really does the job for banning a member