Responses From Users

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I have a bot where the user selects a choice button to select a topic. It works as expected. How do I add other valid responses that the user can type in and get the same result as selecting a choice button?

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Hi @botspeak

Sorry, I’m not entirely following what you mean here.

Is it that you want to give the user a choice value but also allow them to type similar words / phrases as an answer to the question?

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That is correct. Both methods.

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Ah, I see. Unfortunately that isn’t possible at the moment. If the answer type is set to ‘Choice’ the user needs to either select the value by clicking on the choice button or type in the answer as it appears for the choice.

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I noticed when setting up a flow with choices, there is a box to the right of the choice called (value optional) When I put a value there, it is recognized the same as clicking on a choice.

Finding documentation on this is difficult, so I don’t really understand how to use it properly.

Thanks for your responses.