Request to API show please

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What and where I must type? to do this:

All data that is passed to the API must be encoded in UTF-8.

JSON API (Recommended Method)
Communication with the service is carried out by sending HTTP requests, using the POST method, to the specified address using the text data exchange format “JSON”.

“OAuth 2” is used to authenticate the request. With this type of authentication, you must use a token, which can be obtained in your personal account in the “Profile” section. Then, accordingly, include this token in the request header, for example, as: ‘Authorization: Bearer your_token’.

“phone” : [“380989361131”],
“message” : “test text”,
“src_addr” : “VashZakaz”


  1. And this from :
    Request url {format }/ [json or xml]
    Request parameters
    JSON, XML formats

Request headers
Content-Type (optional) string The format type of the text sent to the API.

"apiKey": "[ВАШ КЛЮЧ]",
"modelName": "InternetDocument",
"calledMethod": "save",
"methodProperties": {
"PayerType": "Sender",
"PaymentMethod": "Cash",
"DateTime": "02.03.2015",
"CargoType": "Cargo",
"VolumeGeneral": "0.1",
"Weight": "10",
"ServiceType": "WarehouseDoors",
"SeatsAmount": "1",
"Description": "абажур",
"Cost": "500",
"CitySender": "8d5a980d-391c-11dd-90d9-001a92567626",
"Sender": "6e9acced-d072-11e3-95eb-0050568046cd",
"SenderAddress": "01ae2635-e1c2-11e3-8c4a-0050568002cf",
"ContactSender": "d0b9f592-b600-11e4-a77a-005056887b8d",
"SendersPhone": "380678734567",
"CityRecipient": "db5c8892-391c-11dd-90d9-001a92567626",
"Recipient": "d00f2319-b743-11e4-a77a-005056887b8d",
"RecipientAddress": "511fcfbd-e1c2-11e3-8c4a-0050568002cf",
"ContactRecipient": "bc7b61ea-b6eb-11e4-a77a-005056887b8d",
"RecipientsPhone": "380631112223"

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Please see this article for how to use our Webhooks for HTTP calls: