Recurrent or subscription payments in flows

(Pion) #1

I want to make my bots some kind of monthly-paid subscriptions.

How do I implement this?

  1. On the Stripe side (some subscription feature there?)
  2. On the Flowxo side (trigger an automatic-payment-flow or something)

Any ideas?


(ericb) #2

HI Pion,

Stripe does have a billing engine you can use to process recurring payments for your subscribers / customers. See here:

Yes, FlowXO integrates with Stripe and also have an accept payment function, learn more:

About Stripe Integration:

Taking payments via FlowXO:

Basically, you can use flowXo to initiate or start to sell and accept payment via fb, your own website, telegram…etc ( like a salesbot), and the recurring invoices will just be handled by Stripe.

Hope the above helps. You can also contact us at for more help.

Best Regards,


(Pion) #3


Am I getting it right, I have to use other integration, not “sell a product” action? I see only form for filling on Flowxo side, not choosing from pre-existing Stripe products there.

So it would be something like “create customer”, “invoice them (can I do it via bot or only via email?)” and then trigger another flow after transaction is made? And also store their subscription attributes on Flowxo side?