Receive User's Location

(John Jackson) #1

It’s now possible to receive the user’s location through Telegram and Messenger, using our New File trigger.

A location will come through with a File Type of location, and with a link to the location’s Google Map in the File URL output.

There’s also a new field Metadata output which will contain the location’s co-ordinates:

  "long": "53.7969493",
  "lat": "-2.3344111"

We’ve yet to document this but wanted to let our loyal community site users know first!

(Danish Ali) #2

hey john i have use the same file type to receive location but some time it trigger and some time it does not.
from one messenger id it always trigger and from other id it does not… please tell me how i will receive location lat and long when ever location is send.

(John Jackson) #3

It might be best to open a support email for this - you can reach us at That way we can look deeper at this issue for you.

(Sandeep Kumar) #4

Hi John,

How can we get user IP address from website bot.

(John Jackson) #5

As it’s user identifiable info we have since removed the ability to receive IP address automatically. You can still use some JavaScript to gather it yourself and pass into the bot as metadata, assuming you have permission from the user to do that (under GDPR).