Question with an image choice

(Deborah Bete) #1


I am trying to build a question with a quizz, i need to ask a question and have to give them 2 choices in 3 different image. And to answer the select one of them.

How can I do ?

Thank you

(daniel.beckett) #2

Hi @Deborah_Bete

You could send a card set using Images and Cards and have unique shortcuts for each one.

Immediately after the card set you can add an action for Ask a Question’ that says something like ‘Please select from the above images’. When the user clicks on one of the shortcuts it will then send that as the answer to the question so you’ll be able to see which one they selected.

(Deborah Bete) #3

Thank you Daniel. It’s not possible to have a carousel choice ?

(daniel.beckett) #4

Hi @Deborah_Bete

If using a card set a carousel style is used but only for Facebook Messenger as this is a feature native to their messaging service.

(Deborah Bete) #5

Hello, so thank you for your proposal, but it’s not a succed… maybe I do use the unique shortcuts like proposal for my “as a quesiton” ?

(daniel.beckett) #6

Hi @Deborah_Bete

Sorry, I’m not clear on what went wrong with your flow.

Did the flow not behave as expected? If so, could you provide a bit more detail? :slight_smile: