Pulling up information

(Roman Chupakhin) #1

The site has a working bot.
I want this bot in response to the message to take data from Google Sheets (or just from another site) and substitute this information in the message!
Instead of “Hello” - information from Google Sheets (or another resource)

(ericb) #2

Hi Roman,

I would like to recommend that you look through articles part 1 and part 2 for GoogleSheets to learn how to do what you want, the links are provided below:

part 1: https://medium.com/flowxo/using-google-sheets-in-flow-xo-4535d904514f#.n6ei3hvxd

part 2: https://medium.com/flowxo/using-google-sheets-in-flow-xo-part-2-6936675c769e



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