Public Roadmap Improvements

(John Jackson) #1

We’ve revamped our public roadmap so it’s much more ‘higher level’ and hopefully gives a clearer view of what we have planned for the product.

Some of the changes we’ve put in place:

  • Suggestions are now made right here in the suggestions & feedback category.
  • Now categorized by product area.
  • This is a short to medium term roadmap. There are lots more ideas we have, but we’re trying to focus on the essentials. Things that need fixing or improving on before we start building more complex functionality.

Please vote or comment on features that are important to you. More cards yet to be added to the roadmap.

(Przemek Roman) #2


Has it been (re)moved? I get an error when I click the roadmap link.

(daniel.beckett) #3


The way that we capture feedback has changed, please see the following post for more information:

(daniel.beckett) #4