Problem with "Send Card" and Google Graphic

(Nikita Solunin) #1

Hi, everyone!
I have some problem with “Send Card” function.

There is a screen ( which describe my problem.
In the left side of screen you can see massage from bot. (Telegram)
In the right side you can see my flow in FlowXO.
The datas on the graphics are different.
(Datas from google graphic)

Thanks for your answer!

(Karen Barker) #2

Hi @Nikita_Solunin

Could you please confirm the URL you are using for this image in the Send a Card function?

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Nikita Solunin) #3

hi, Karen!

I checked everything what I could.

I use that URL (copy from “Send a Card”)
Here a screen of my “Send a Card”

What can I do?

(daniel.beckett) #4

If I follow the link you shared:

I can see the same image as you showed in the first post. Are you sure the card is using the same URL?

(Nikita Solunin) #5

I made movie for you - link

Let’s solve this problem together :slight_smile:

…and I have only one connected bot

(daniel.beckett) #6

I’ve just setup a quick test case for this. Just so we’re on the same page, here are the steps I used to publish my chart to an image:

  1. Created the chart.
  2. From the toolbar, clicked on File > publish to the web…
  3. Selected the chart from the drop-down menu and changed ‘interactive’ to ‘image’.
  4. Made sure that ‘Automatically republish when changes are made’ was enabled.

When testing in the browser I did notice that there can be a few minutes delay before the URL shows the updated values on the chart.


(Nikita Solunin) #7

We on the same page on 100%!

I did the same steps.

I want to try make another flow with similiar action and see how it will work.

I write a result for you

(Nikita Solunin) #8


I created another flow, on the my TestBot.
All my steps and actions I caught on video and there is a result:

@DanielBeckett, @KarenBarker

(daniel.beckett) #9

Thanks for sharing that.

It’s difficult to say exactly what’s going wrong since all Flow XO is doing is looking up the URL provided by Google and fetching back any image it can find. It may be possible that the web browser is keeping a cache of the original image though.

(Nikita Solunin) #10

Thanks for help!

Have a nice day!