Problem with label

(emsa) #1

I have problem with label, i need start menu only after label will active, how can i do this? help me pls. Whith filter i must use


(Nathan Stults) #2


Unfortunately I’m having trouble understanding your specific problem. Can you restate it in terms of what you want your users to experience VS what they do experience in the example above?


(emsa) #3

I explain how the script should work: 1) the bot trigger with the phrase start 2) the bot says hello, after which the flow trigger fires where the calculator is located 3) after the user has entered all the data into the calculator and the bot has calculated the result, the label should transfer the script to the initial flow , to be precise. The problem is that in the initial scenario there is a menu section that should work after the calculator’s label is transferred to the initial page, until that moment it should not work, now it works simultaneously with the trigger, which should not be. I don’t know which filter to use so that the menu section waits until the label is activated

(Nathan Stults) #4

Ok thanks for the detail. This is complex enough we’ll need to actually review your flow - if you wouldn’t mind sharing your flow with we’ll see if we can’t spot the problem.