Problem with Card Set

(Tô Huy) #1


  • I have a list result, dont know size of list, so How do I show it by Card Set?
  • Every Card Set, I have one Shorcut, example: “Buy It”. So, How do I know user click which item?

(Karen Barker) #2

Hi there,

Card sets have a maximum of 10 cards. You can pre-populate all 10 cards with the necessary outputs of the list results. If for example you only have 5 results the last 5 cards will be blank and therefore not display to the user.

For the shortcut there is a shortcut and a value field. The shortcut would be “Buy It” which is what the user sees, but you could put something else in the value field which allows the back end to know which item a user has selected.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

(Tô Huy) #3

Hi @KarenBarker
Thanks for your answer.
I set Shortcut is “I want it”, and Value is a value.
But when show data, Button is “value”.
Else, how do I collect data of Card has selected “I want it”.
Thanks for supported

(Karen Barker) #4


Could you show me a screen shot of how you’ve set this up as I can’t recreate the issue you’re seeing? The shortcut is the left hand field and the value is the right hand field during set up. :slight_smile:

(Tô Huy) #5

Hi @KarenBarker

it’s here.

(Tô Huy) #6

Hi @KarenBarker
Please help me.

(Karen Barker) #7

Hi @To_Huy,

Sorry I’m having problems being able to reproduce this issue. Can you please confirm what platform you are seeing this happen on?

(Tô Huy) #8

Hi @KarenBarker,
I used telegram.

(Karen Barker) #9

Hi @To_Huy,

Thanks for this information. It looks like this is a bug that is specific to Telegram I’m afraid. :disappointed: I have raised this as an issue with the development team and as soon as I hear anything from them I will update you here.

(Tô Huy) #10

Thank @KarenBarker very much

(Tô Huy) #11

Hi @KarenBarker
What’s new update?

(daniel.beckett) #12

Hi @To_Huy,

This issue is still being looked into by our development team. As soon as a fix is implemented we’ll be sure to let you know :slight_smile:


(Tô Huy) #13

Hi @DanielBeckett
Any news? :frowning:
and How do I collect data of Card has selected “I want it”.

(daniel.beckett) #14

Sorry @To_Huy

There’s nothing new to share at the moment. As soon as this changes we’ll be sure to let you know.

(Tô Huy) #15

Hi @DanielBeckett
If I used fb, How do I collect data of Card has selected “I want it”
Please help me.Thanks

(daniel.beckett) #16

Hi @To_Huy

When using a shortcut or question with a choice value you can enter the text and value for that selection. For example, you set the text as “I want this” and the value as “Flow XO Bot” - when the user selects “I want this” you’ll be able to use “Flow XO Bot” as an output in your flow and see it in the interaction logs.

(Tô Huy) #17

Hi @DanielBeckett
I do it ok. Thank for support

(Tô Huy) #18

Hi @DanielBeckett
How about this bugs?
In telegram, The card set did’t show image :frowning:

(daniel.beckett) #19

Hi @To_Huy

Please can you share an example? :slight_smile:

(Tô Huy) #20

Oh, so sory, The url isn’t exist.
How about the shorcut bugs?