Problem of Open AI token integration


Faced the problem of adding OpenAI integration.
When adding an api key from OpenAI to Flow, an error is displayed: “Failed to connect your account, please check the details you’ve provided”
I changed the token in OpenAI several times, it did not help

(Jeff) #2

Yeah man, I got the same thing. I do not know what to do has tried everything and changed the token and cleared the cache, but nothing helps. Maybe it is a bug in the API?

(Nathan Stults) #3

Hi guys -

It’s not a bug in the API or the integration - it’s most likely that your API has exceeded your free usage (on the Open AI side). You would likely need to upgrade to a paid Open AI account.

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(Jeff) #4

Oh, thanks a lot for the clarification because I didn’t know what it was about!

(Кирилл Анатольевич Акулов) #5

I have a subscription to OpenAI, but the same error still appears.