Prevent duplication

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Hi everyone!

How to prevent duplication of sign up or application from a user.

Triggered a flow for sign up and he did finish the flow successfully. Two days past the same user triggered the flow for sign up again. What can I do to notify him that he already signed and he doesn’t need to repeat it.

Please help.

Thank you

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And at the same time stop the flow.

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Hello, I’ve done something like this before. I used Google sheet to collect the user information during sign up, since flowxo assign a unique userID to every user who triggered the flow, I use add_row function to add userID generated by flowxo to the spreadsheet alongside the information I want to collect. So for every user that triggered the flow, I have the userID generated by flowxo with it

Anytime the flow was triggered, I used the search_row function to check if the userID already exist or not. That way I can skip the sign up

I hope this helps

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Thanks Earlpappi.

Love Robin <3

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Do you have any screenshots? That I can reference on?

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Hey Robin, I have some but you might not be able to see the logic (filter) behind it. But I’ll drop one which I used. In this case, if the userID count equal 0, the add_row function will be executed.

You can drop me a message in the private message or via mail, I can work with you on your project.

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Thanks earlpappi I’ll check on this. :slight_smile:

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Where will I add this filter?