Please READ - WhatsApp Beta testing instructions

(Miguel) #1

This category is used to manage the testing of WhatsApp while in Beta.

The category is only accessible to users who are participating in the Beta testing. Remember to log in with the same email address & username the Flow XO account you use to test WhatsApp Beta.

Before posting new feedback, check if the issue has already been reported.

To report a new issue, simply create a new ‘Topic’ and describe the issue as much as possible. Screenshots usually help. Remember to include the following as a basis:

  1. Are you using WhatsApp via Twilio o via Wati?
  2. Expected behaviour
  3. Actual behaviour
  4. Steps to reproduce
  5. Screenshots or recordings
  6. Other information you may find useful (Device type: PC / Mac / Android / iPhone, Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge)

The Flow XO team will review the topic and reply with any questions or comments. The topic then becomes a thread where all communication takes place until the issue is resolved.

You can find instructions on how to configure WhatsApp with Flow XO here