Open Link from Card in same window

(Christian Weber) #1

Hi, I want to create a chatbot, which “shows” my Visitors the Homepage. To do this I would need to find a way to use a link in a card or somewhere to navigate the side.

Is there a way to control how links are handeled? Is it possible to keep the Chatbot in the foreground and open the link on my site in the background to show more information?


I would really like to see this as well, since it is a behavior that is expected by most users, I think. Any ways/hacks to achieve this? Thanks!

(Nathan Stults) #3

There isn’t currently a way to do this, even with a hack I don’t think unless it were a very low level javascript hack. I agree it would be very handy functionality. Maybe make the suggestion on our feedback site here:

Ideally you would be able to customize the ‘target’ attribute of any links in the UI.