New product feedback site

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New product feedback site

We’ve launched a new product feedback site so you can tell us how to improve Flow XO. Our public Trello board went stale and it was difficult to track trends.

We’ve been focusing on other areas of the business recently - we’re sorry about that, but we’re back working on Flow XO and want you to help drive the future of the product.

What’s new?

We have a single place for customer feedback for all FLG’s products and services, including Flow XO, which, via a feature voting board, allows us to keep track of the features you want.

How does it work?

It’s really simple:

  • You post feature requests which other Flow XO users vote on

  • We spot trends and identify the features customers want

  • Project priorities are transparent

  • We clarify the use case to ensure we build the right things

  • When it’s time to roadmap, the data is at our fingertips

  • We’ll keep you up to date via notifications.

We’ll read every post and comment from you - we won’t always respond but we’ll be watching closely. On occasions we’ll want to clarify your ideas, which we can do via the comments.

What about my old ideas?

Our public Trello board will soon be a distant memory - we’ve transferred the top ideas to our new site so be sure to vote for the features that are most important to you, or post something new.

What are you working on right now?

We’re improving the web messenger by making it faster and adding some great new features. Next, we’ll look at the account structure and address the absence of master accounts.

Head over to and check out the new site - we’re looking forward to receiving your ideas and votes!

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