New line in Text

(Isfan Jamalutdinov) #1

Hello there, I am using List a Row to create some kind of agenda of meetings, but I get all the rows glued and I want to separate them with the help of “Replace text”, I want to change all the commas into line breakes, how can I do that?

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @Isfan_Jamalutdinov

The Collection Outputs can help with this by using the ‘Magic Repeat’ option.

From that page:
" It’s called Magic Repeat because it magically repeats your text for every item in the collection, making it easy to list the details of the collection in whatever format you choose.

Even though it’s powerful, it’s still really simple to us. Just use *{{output }} to make your output a Magic Repeat.

To see it in action, lets assume we want to list the details of all invoices that have been sent to our customer. Use Magic Repeat like this:

When the task is run, it gets this input:

123 for $20.
456 for $80.
789 for $10.

It’s as simple and useful as that. The first magic repeat found in the field determines the collection that should be repeated.

Note that when you use magic repeat, the whole field will repeat for each item in the collection. Make sure you use *{{output }} for every output that you want to change for each item in the collection, just like in the example above.

The text will be repeated for every item in the collection, regardless of whether it has values missing. If you reference a value and it’s missing for the item being repeated, it will be replaced with nothing (an empty string)."