New flow from cardset


Hello! Is it possible to do in flowxo a new flow from shortcut card set?
When i make a triggered answer from button and, make new flow with this trigger, the bot don’t start the flow with next card set in new flow:


Many thx!

(Nathan Stults) #2

Using a shortcut like that WILL trigger new flows. You would need to have a flow with a New Message trigger and “11” as one of the keyword phrases.

The way shortcuts work is simply to send a message with the VALUE of the shortcut back to Flow XO when the button is clicked, so if you have either a catch-all trigger OR a New Message trigger listening for “11” it should work.

If you are already set up that way and it isn’t working you can e-mail the URL from your interaction log of an interaction that demonstrates the problem and we can show you where you’re off track.


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Hi Nathan!

Many thx for reply, can i ask you to show step-by-step process to make a transition from cardset shortcut (button) to new flow with trigger in shortcut value (number or word).

Many thx,


Hi! It’s ok, issue is solved, many thx!