New Feature - Web Tools

(Phil) #1

We’ve added a great new feature to Flow XO - Web Tools!

Web Tools make it easy for you to promote your chatbots on the web, on social networks and by using Facebook Ads.

You’ll find Web Tools directly from the left menu in your Flow XO editor. All you need is to have a Facebook Messenger bot set up and activated.

The tools available are really simple to set up and will only take a matter of minutes. You can also track the performance of each of them in the new web tools dashboard. The following tools are currently available:

  • Messenger Links - Create shareable links that trigger specific flows and track usage.
  • Facebook Comments - Start an automated Messenger conversation instantly when someone comments on your Facebook post.
  • Facebook Ads - Drive traffic straight to your Messenger bot directly from Facebook Destination Ads.
  • Messenger Buttons - Customize your own Send to Messenger button and add it to your website.
  • Messenger Codes - Generate your own unique Messenger Code and download for print and digital media.

You can create as many as you like and they’re all completely free!

For more information on setting up individual web tools, please check our help article.

Happy marketing! :slight_smile: