New Feature: Payments

(John Jackson) #1

Today we launch our latest new feature - :credit_card: payments.

Payments work worldwide on all of our supported platforms, right now.

Payments allows you to collect money or sell a product directly in your chatbots. You just need to connect up Stripe to process the payment.

You can choose to either line up the sale first, then simply request the payment, or show the user a set of products that they can click to buy. Where the messaging app supports webview (in-messaging browser), the checkout stays within messaging.

When you receive a payment, you can hook up a trigger to receive the details and then thank your user or send an email to your team to fulfil the order. You can send metadata right through the user flow, so it’s easy to join everything up at the other side.

You should read the docs for all the info about how to collect payments in your flows.

Don’t read docs? Just go to a flow where you want to collect a payment and add either of the 2 new payment actions and follow the steps.

Enjoy! Let us know what you think. :smile:

Next up: live chat. We’re going to make it way easier to chat directly to your users. Coming soon.

(Компания ТрансЭкоСервис) #2

dear moderator, I need to pay 19 dollars, I can not find how to do it, I do not need additional actions, I want to pay a fee for 19 dollars

(daniel.beckett) #3

Hi @11116

I believe you contacted the support team about this and we’ve answered over there. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to let me know. :slight_smile:

(Veron) #4

Team FlowXO, you are great fellows! I’ve been studying your platform for two months and see constant updates! The ability to connect payments - very cool news! Thank You for Your work!

(Anders Eidergard) #5

Awesome feature!!
Makes for a super smooth customer experience.
Now I can do most everything that I need within the bot itself.

:smiley: :beer:

(Kurt Anderson) #6

Hi folks,

The link in the documentation:

produces a 404 on Facebook’s site:

What is the right link?


(John Jackson) #7

The same form is linked to from Facebook’s own docs and that leads to a 404:

So I think we’ll have to wait until it’s fixed unfortunately. I’ve updated our own docs to point to the URL above, so that if they change the link it’s discoverable.

(Kurt Anderson) #8

Hi John,

I spent some time skulking around and found this form:

Perhaps this is the correct form?


Hi there,

Here it says that we have to obtain permission from Facebook in order accept payment via Messenger webviews. I did it. However, I did two tests and I am able to successfully make a payment through Messenger webview, get the payment in Stripe and generate the “receive a payement” trigger…etc. To me everything works fine even though I haven’t got the permission from FB yet.

So my question for you is the permission from FB really necessary? Did it work because I am my page admin? Will my users be able to pay via Messenger like I did without the permission?

LMK. Thanks.

cc @DanielBeckett @KarenBarker


Oh one more question. Is there any way to place test transactions?

I tried entering the 4242 4242 4242 4242 Visa Test Card but after clicking on the Pay button, nothing happens. I had to put a real card number for it to work.


cc @DanielBeckett @KarenBarker

(daniel.beckett) #11

Hi @Kloic

Our docs say to obtain permission as it’s a requirement listed by Facebook.

I can’t say for certain whether your payments would continue to work without following the proper procedure.

Testing payments for Stripe would require a test site which unfortunately isn’t possible if you’re using the built in Payments feature.


Hi @DanielBeckett,

Is there a way NOW to test payement with Stripe with the built-in Payment Feature? Without having to place a real payment ?

cc @KarenBarker

(daniel.beckett) #13

Hi @Kloic

There’s still no way to setup a test payment environment to use with the Payment feature - sorry!

It would be interesting to see how in-demand this feature is so what would be best is to drop by the feedback site and leave any suggestions and ideas there :slightly_smiling_face: