Need some Question and Answer Help

(Shane) #1

Hello. I know that FlowXO can do what I’m looking for, but not sure a solid approach. I want the user to type in a product number or product name and then the chatbot displays back a link to a PDF download. There are hundreds of different products so I need to literally either reference a spreadsheet or some sort of database but how would I go about this in terms of the design?

(Augusto Vera) #2

Hey bro how is it going?, I have an example on that, lemme know if you want the flow sample of how it works. Cheers!

(Shane) #3

Hey there Augusto…it’s going great. Yeah I’d love an example of that…how are things?

(Augusto Vera) #4

Great pushing chatbots for service to citizens here, please refer to this sway document that gives you the sample and all neccesary things to run it. Any questions please send to:


(Shane) #5

Ok thanks Augusto. I’ll check out the doc!

(Shane) #6

Hi Augusto!
I got the flow sample and looked over it. The only thing I need to ask if a few questions:

  1. In my case, the bot will be triggered by showing the user an option for “downloads” and if the user selects that, then it presents with two options: Spec Sheets or Install Instructions. When they click on one of those then it says they can type in the product number or name of the product and then they get a link to the PDF…so in your flow example, how would I modify it to accommodate that and specifically the validation of the product number or product name to deliver the right PDF?
(Augusto Vera) #7

Shane: Plz send me an email to understand this one properly:

Augusto Vera