My flow starts from the middle

(Vivaan) #1

I test my flow in the test console, but when I want to restart it using the restart button, it starts from the middle. For e.g my flow goes like this, catch-all --> say hello --> ask name --> ask email --> ask mobile number… When I see a mistake, i close the test console and try to fix the error. e.g I stop at ask email and close it. Then I fix the problem and go back to the test console. I click the restart button but the flow is still stuck at asking the email, and does not start at the catch all and say hello. I am facing a lot of problems with this and cannot test my flow properly. Please help!

(Clément Beaujoin) #2

Go to the user section, select “Details” of the user linked to the Test Console then click “…” and choose “clear open questions”.


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