Move flow to another account

(Альона Лагно) #1

Can I move flow and bots to another account or can I change password if I registered using Google OAuth?

Thanks for answer in advance.



  1. Open your flow and click to Private button on the top right, this button turn on the link to share your flow.
  2. Copy the link
  3. Log out
  4. Create a new account and log in
  5. paste the link

Now you have a copy of your flow in the different account, remember it’s a different flow now

(Adnane Radi Benjelloun) #3

hi Where should i paste the link ? i dont see where in flows…

(Nathan Stults) #4

Paste it into your browser URL box.

(Adnane Radi Benjelloun) #5

so it does not resolve the issue , i want to past my flow created in account one to account two …

(Nathan Stults) #6

If you follow the steps from CaosMkt, and where it says “paste the url” paste it into the URL bar, it WILL work.

(Robin Carlos Bernal) #7

Hi What will happen if I deleted the original flow will the shared flow be affected?

(Adnane Radi Benjelloun) #8

Can you tell me where !! where should i click to past the url shoudl i click on flows ? i still dont see where

(Robin Carlos Bernal) #9

Go to your Flows find this button if your flow is not yet shared the button will say “PRIVATE” if already shared it will be labelled as “SHARED”