Many cardset in one flow



Is there possible to do in flowxo the next flow with card sets, which begin from main card set and triggering with a words?
Or i need to do the new flow for every new cardset? In this option i need to update me billing plan in three times minimum))))
visualization in attach:

(Robin Carlos Bernal) #2

Yes this possible you can use keywords I believe.


Could you please provide more info or some template?)


(Nathan Stults) #4


What you want to do is add a “Wait for a Response” after your first card set. You will put the trigger words as the values in shortcuts/buttons on your main card set. Then after that card set, place a “Wait for a Response”. When the user clicks one of the buttons, the Wait for a Response will capture the answer.

You can then place your additional card sets after that, and give each of them a filter to match one of the keywords against the value stored by Wait for a Response.



Hi Nathan! This scheme work properly only when this a one “wait for response” and next one card set it’s ok, but when two - bot didn’t understand what need to do.

(Nathan Stults) #6


You would never have two Wait for a Response one after the other like that. You place one Wait for a Response after the Card Set to pause the bot until the user chooses one of the shortcuts. If you have two in a row like that, the bot will just keep waiting even after the user answers the question once.