Make a kind of select element with options from a code's results

(Ernesto) #1

In TELEGRAM bot, there is a way to programmatically “build” a kind of “Ask a Question” with given choices from (for example) a code’s results?

NOTE: The problem is that results from code can change in quantity, so we do not know how many results are. Sometime options are “option1”,“option2” and “option3”; other times are “option1” and “option2”; sometimes is just “option1”; etc.

If possible, can anyone please give me an example? Thanks in advance.

A not so good solution is the following:

  1. This time we have this result from code:
    var obj = {
    q: 2,
    {option:“option#1”, value:“val#1”},
    {option:“option#2”, value:“val#2”}

  2. We can expect (or just limit options to this amount) a maximum of 10 options in the code’s result. So:

  3. Add to the bot an “Ask a Question” interact; and ADD ten choices to it.
    The first one with the value:
    The second one with the value
    The third one with the value
    and so on…

This way, although in this case the values are empty from options #3 to the last one (#10), it shows only the #1 and #2 options, without error.
I think is not a good solution; because it is based on the limitation we impose (maximum of ten options). But yes, it’s a kind of solution :wink: