Location-based triggers

(Jakub Straka) #1

Hey there Flow XO community,

I recently start trying out this tool and I think it’s great. However, I ran into some issues I’d like to help with or rather find out if they’re doable in Flow XO.

Is there any way how can I trigger a location card from chat bot to user, based on the user location? Or in other words, is there such way that my bot automatically keeps track of user’s location (ideally 24/7) and serves him content based on where he is located?

If so, what’s the correct response path or flow building how can I serve specific content / cards to user based on his previous text / message inputs to bot?

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated in advance.

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @Jakub_Straka

The user location isn’t shared by standard but you can implement a send location button through the Google Places API. There’s a Template for ‘Find Location’ that shows how this can be done. You can install this by adding a new flow and selecting from the templates list.

This unfortunately wouldn’t do exactly what you’re looking for though as location is only shared by the user choosing to manually do so. At the moment there’s no way to track a user’s location automatically through Flow XO.

(Jakub Straka) #3

Thanks for your answer, Daniel.

How about the flow that would do the following:

  1. user sends his location
  2. based on his location he will or won’t get the results based on radius of searched locations
  3. can chatbot remember the last shared location and set a trigger for when the event happens in the last saved location?

Thanks a lot.

(Daniel Beckett) #4

1 & 2 would be handled by the Google API and Filters on actions in your flow.

For #3 you can save the user’s location to an Attribute for use in another flow or to be retrieved later. In terms of triggering the flow again on an event happening at a location I’m not really aware of a way to do this. You could maybe combine the Google Places API with another external service to create a kind of RSS alert or webhook trigger so that it can then trigger a flow in Flow XO. If you had a working trigger you could then use the user’s response path to send them updates.

A vague answer, I know. Sorry!

Flow XO is really flexible so it may be possible to do what you need to but it’ll take some experimentation to know for sure. :smile:

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(Jakub Straka) #5

Yeah, I figured it would probably take combination of more than one 3rd party integrations. Damn, nevermind I’ll try my best.

Perhaps one more question you could help me with – even when I send my location and get a results in a card set with 2-3 locations from Google Maps, I can’t see the image preview of the location. There’s just a text and CTA button to open it in the Google Maps. Is there any way how to fix this? Perhaps via attribute? I thought it will automatically fetch the data from Google API, but it doesn’t so I think there’s a missing code of value/line or syntax.


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(Andrew Catchpole) #6

Hi, did you manage to find a simple way to get a user"s location?