LIVE video facebook comments does not work

(Augusto Vera) #1

I am trying to link the facebook comments to a live video, I have seen Manychat doing this. I copy the timestamp URL into the FB Comments web tool and it seems to parse it right, nevertheless it does not react at all not even without keywords. ¿Any suggestions?

(Karen Barker) #2

Hi @Augusto_Vera1,

Unfortunately we do have a known issue with Facebook comments at the moment, this is with the development team but I’m afraid I’m not able to give an estimate of when this will be fixed. :disappointed:

(Augusto Vera) #3

I see, looking forward to know at the moment it gets fixed, I am about to use it widely.

(Augusto Vera) #4

Ho Karen are FB comments already working?, Haven´t tested them but checking with u guys

(Daniel Beckett) #5

Hi @Augusto_Vera1

I’m sorry but the bug is still currently outstanding. We’ll be sure to provide an update once this changes.

(Augusto Vera) #6

Hope it doesnt take too long, I’ve a couple of initiatives that rely on FB comments.