Linking a shortcut to another flow

(Paul Shiels) #1

Hi how can we link the tap of a shortcut to a specific block in the flow ?

For example if a user taps Nike we want to take him to the nike store flow or if a user taps adidas they are taken to the adidas store flow ?

(John Jackson) #2

In Flow XO, a shortcut simply works the same as if someone had typed the text (i.e. sent that message).

So in your example, you would have 2 other flows with a ‘Bot > New Message’ trigger, one listening for ‘nike’ and the other ‘adidas’.

(Paul Shiels) #3

Hey man , i dont get what you mean. so we have 20 different shortcut buttons how do we set each tap up to a different flow ? where do we create flows apart form the one big flow ?

So an example is when a user taps Nike, it will then open up this nike flow showing them offers in nike and open up a dialogue within that flow


(John Jackson) #4

You’d need to create a new flow for each response. So ‘New Flow’, then add a trigger, and then choose ‘Bot > New Message’ and type the text on your shortcut as the word/phrase to listen to.

You could also use a ‘Catch-all’ flow to catch anything said to the bot, and then user filters to listen if the message contains the word ‘nike’ or ‘adidas’, etc…

Hope that clears it up! :thumbsup:

(Paul Shiels) #5

Ok so we need to upgrade our plan to make more flows ?

How many flows does your plan allow for ?


(John Jackson) #6

You get 15 flows/bots with our standard plan ($15), then you can add 5 extra flows at $10 per pack of 5.

The free plan has 5 bots/flows.

Details here:

(Medapati Sivani Reddy) #7

Hello John I do have the same question.

If there are two different flows, how can we call them into a single bot, I’m little confused with that can you please help me out?

(Karen Barker) #8

Hi there,

When you are setting up the trigger action of your flow you are presented with the option to choose which bot(s) should listen to that flow. As long as a bot is listening to a flow then if the flow is triggered the bot will respond to it. Hope this makes sense. :slight_smile:

(Medapati Sivani Reddy) #9

okay got it thank you Karen :slight_smile:

(Kate Yoak) #10

Follow up to this question.

So I have Flow A with the main dialog.
Flow B is listening for the user to say “done”.

I found that Flow B never activates. I had to do Trigger a Flow to activate the other flow.

This thread suggest that I should have two separate bots running? Now I am even more confused. :slight_smile: Because a bot is an installable program that has a url (say for web bot). Can you help make sense of what you mean, another bot is listening? Are we installing two separate slack bots? Have two different web urls?

(Daniel Beckett) #11

Hi @KateYoak

A shortcut will trigger any matching word/phrase that has been setup as a New Message trigger. You don’t need separate bots for this, just the one.

Please see Bot Triggers & Actions for more information.

What trigger is Flow B using? Is it a New Message trigger or a Flow trigger?

(Kate Yoak) #12

I think I figured it out. I was using “Ask a question” with options. I wanted one of the options to trigger a new flow.

Changing Ask a question to Send message (same options) enables me to trigger flows from answers.

Sound right?

(Daniel Beckett) #13

Changing to ‘Send Message’ would let you send shortcuts - any shortcuts that the user clicks on are detected as new messages so will trigger any flows with matching keywords.

The alternative method is to ask a question and then use the trigger a flow action after to start another flow based on the answer they provided.

(Andrew Catchpole) #14

Hey Paul, I do this a lot in my flows. I have all the trigger words in one flow and all the actions in the flow. then I use the filter to only execute the action steps that are required. eg In Action Filter use {{Flow_Message}} Contains|Start With|Equals Nike. Avoid using Go To labels which is not good software practice (unless you are doing MS Basic programming!)

I have found Flowxo really powerful once you exploit all its zero code features.

Regards Andrew