Link to telegram bot to start a specific flow

(Ekaterina) #1

Hello, is there a way to open a flow with link for Telegram? For example when a user clicks on the link he be able to see specific flow in the Telegram chat bot?

UTM Label for telegram
(Nathan Stults) #2

Yes, you can definitely do this. It’s called “deep linking” and all you have to do is

  1. Use a URL like this:{your bot name}?start=somekeyword

Then create a flow with a New Message trigger, and have its start phrase be

/start somekeyword

The way it works is that when you use the deep linking format above, Telegram will simply send your bot a message formatted like “/start mycustomkeyword”

(Ekaterina) #3

Thanks a lot! This works for me. It would be nice to see that in some official documentation because it was not obviously for me.