Line Breaks in HTTP Request

(Dima Azizbekov) #1


I want to send message with HTTP Request.
I want to use formats and they are working so good. Thank you for this.(I don’t use Custom Request, because I’m using message_id)
But, I used all versions of line breaks. In HTML and Markdown and without parse_mode too, but no one is working. Why?
Can you help me with it? Thanks!

If FlowXO can’t do it yet, why you don’t work in it? I think many people like me have this problem and it’s bad((
FlowXO can do more and you can check this problem.

P.S. I’m for Telegram Bot

(daniel.beckett) #2

Hi @_dima

I see that you’ve emailed the support desk with this question. I’ve responded over there :slight_smile:


(Dima Azizbekov) #3

I fixed this problem by myself. Thank you for your reply. I don’t need Line Breaks yet, because I found method how use them without Data outputs in HTTP Request.