JSON request Greek language query problem

(Sioulis Nick) #1

I am trying to make an API request and i need search query in Greek language.

What I need:
I ask my customer to type which product want to see and lets say he types: Αεροθερμο

flowxo gets customer’s answer and it puts it in the link to make the request like this:
but it should be in url encoding:

if i type something in english it finds results for example:

is there any solution to this?

(Nathan Stults) #2

Your only real option here, if you need to URL encode a parameter, is to use a Code block and do the URL encoding there, before you make your HTTP request.

Here’s an example: https://flowxo.com/share/system-engine-2358

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(Sioulis Nick) #3

perfect! works like a charm!
thank you for your reply!

(Nathan Stults) #4

Great, glad it helped.

(Sioulis Nick) #5

may i ask one more question that maybe need Code block?
If i have a response with format 65.00000, is the any code block that i can limit the decimal numbers to 2 (result: 65.00)?
(i am in the fix to php but until then i would like to know if flowxo can filter that too)

(Nathan Stults) #6

You can use the “Number” task - please try this: https://flowxo.com/share/witches-beauty-3150

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(Sioulis Nick) #7

perfect!! Thank you once more!