Issue in attribute

(Louis Delav) #1

Hello there,
I set in “attribute” the user location like :
lat : 46.325322911995
lng : 1.44864411325815
When a user send a new location, the metadata will replace the attribute
lat : 44.857253998657
lng : -0.563908313035
The problem is when the new location is set, there is a soustraction
lng : 0.88
Do you know how I can avoid this automatic manipulation?
Thanks you !

(Sarah Palombo) #2

Hello :wave:,

I can see what you mean :persevere: - we’ll take a look at this as it isn’t behaving quite right. (sorry about that !)

In the mean time i can offer a solution as a work around. (whilst we sort this)

Just add a step into your flow to empty the long & lat attributes (set them so they are empty)
Then you can set the new attributes which will save correctly.

Hope that helps :+1:


(Louis Delav) #3

Hello Sarah :wave:
Thanks you for your answer.
The problem came from the “-” before the data
Thanks again for your tips, I will try this !