Is this a Timezone Glitch?

(Roger Richards) #1

I just want to know with the time zone. If it is in gmt and I say +4 hours or -4 hours no matter what I get the wrong time. I’m even saying 5pm and it is placing 2:10 1:58 the next time. On other test I got 5:43 and 5:52 what is going on here how do I program it to receive the correct time in my google calendar. Also I do another test now with nothing and for 5pm it does 10:12pm this makes absolutely 0 sense to me.

Please help :slight_smile:


(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @Roger,

Google Calendars use UTC time and ignore the time zone set by Flow XO. If you want to use a specific time zone you will need to offset it by using the date/time service first.


(Roger Richards) #3


I appreciate you response but if you read my message you will clearly see I said that I offset it and no matter what it sets the wrong time. If I said 5pm est with correct offset it does 5:43 and other weird things. It never sets the correct time no matter the offset it is minutes off. Below I tried all various offsets +4 hours and even -4 hours no matter what 5pm est never got placed correctly for Eastern time.


(Roger Richards) #4


Here is another photo where I tried to say tomorrow at 3 and this is what I get with the offset.


(Daniel Beckett) #5

Hi Roger,

Sorry, I thought you were saying that you’d set the timezone on your account rather than directly in the flow.

I can see that you’ve emailed the helpdesk about this so I’ll pick it up from there.



(Roger Richards) #6


Yes, sorry, I’m very eager to figure this out. I will be waiting for your reply via email. If you sent something 19 minutes ago I have not received.