Invalid response path slack channel

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I have read some other posts regarding response paths and none of them seem to hit my topic.

I have configured a bot in slack to post command text when called.

user types the following in a slack channel:

/culturebot Hello World

Would make the bot send a message in the same channel with the text from the command.

Hello World

At the moment my Flow XO will fail with invalid response path, even if I use the response URL from the command I just ran.

What am I missing to get this bot posting in the channel where the command is sent?

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I also notice this message has no bot selected, why is that?

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It looks like you’re trying to integrate a Slack Bot manually using webhooks - you should create Slack Bot via our Slack integration, then you won’t need to bother with the webhooks and response paths.

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This was not helpful, but I did figure it out on my own.

To achieve what I wanted to I had to stop using the intuitive ‘send a message’ action and instead replace it with the less intuitive “Make a HTTP Request” action.

So now, on a received webhook (My custom command /culturebot) the flow takes the text attribute and forwards it to my make a http request action. This action was configured with the webhook URL from the slack API.
When editing your slack bot select incoming webhooks and turn them on! Then copy that URL and that will be the response URL in the HTTP Request.

I used POST as my method and my form factor is JSON.
In data I selected text and then used {{receive_a_webhook.text}} to select the text that came in from the webhook from slack.


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