Introduction of Facebook message types/tags and improvements to Analytics

(Mike Emery) #1

We’ve added two new features to Flow XO.

Facebook message types/tags

In May we notified you about changes Facebook are making which affects how broadcasts to Messenger users are handled in Flow XO. Please look back at previous announcements for all the information but in short:

  • Facebook differs from some of our other platforms in that it requires the bot owner to classify each message into a ‘type’
  • Some Facebook message types are only available to those Facebook pages with subscription messaging approval, granted directly by Facebook after a review

On each action in Flow XO for sending messages, there is now a section where you can specify a message type or tag for Facebook messages. The various message types are described by Facebook in their Guide to Sending Messages. Also refer to our Facebook Message Types doc for help.

Don’t forget, if you need subscription messaging approval, you will need to apply to Facebook for that approval.

Improvements to Analytics

We’ve made some changes to our Analytics tool to make it even better.

First and foremost, we’ve made it work faster. Your graphs will now load more quickly, even for large amounts of data.

We have also added new graphs and now display six rather than four.

The updated Analytics engine went live on 2nd June behind the scenes so the new ‘Triggers’ data will appear from that point onwards but not before. Just click on the Analytics option to access your metrics or have a look at our Analytics doc for help on understanding each metric.

More questions?

Our friendly support team are always on hand. Either contact support or ask your question right here.

We hope you like the changes!

(Kurt) #2

I did not understand. Where do I select the message type?

Besides that we could have a way to make the request for facebook approval in the flowxo platform so we could do this for our customers.

(Daniel Beckett) #3

Hi @Gregorio_Rodrigues1

There was a bit of a delay getting the update pushed out after the announcement but you should be able to see the message type tags now. :slight_smile: