Integration with trello

(Vladimir) #1

Hello, I would like to understand the integration with the trello service more, since there is no normal information on this integration. Below I will describe an example of what I need.
Suppose I have a board in which there are three lists: 1) available tasks; 2) in the process; 3) completed tasks. Each of these lists has cards corresponding to it.
The user through the bot should receive a list of cards “available tasks”. Select one of the cards (tasks) and transfer the selected card to the list “in progress”.
After the user completes the task, he writes a report using the comments of the card and transfers the card to the list of “completed tasks”.
Please, if possible, explain on this example how to implement this. Thanks in advance.

(Nathan Stults) #2

What you want to do is possible, but it would be quite a bit of effort.

  1. You would use the trello integration to Search Cards, and your search query would be: list:mylist
  2. You would need to display the cards for the users - if you want each card to have a button (would need to be a fixed max of cards, maybe 10ish) you could use an Ask a Question and create shortcuts for cards 1-10. If there were < 10 cards, the cards would not show. you would put the card name in the choice label and the card id as the choice value
  3. You would use the Trello integration and Update a Card to move the card to another list, using the choice selected in the previous step.
  4. You would use an Ask a Question to ask the user to provide their notes. When complete, you would Update a Card to move it to completed.

If you have more than about 10 cards that might exist on the first list, you would probably just want to use the Code block to format a message that lists the cards like

  1. A card
  2. Another card

etc and ask the user to type the number of the card they want.

Again, this is a very non-trivial project - I would expect to put quite a bit of effort into it. If you get stuck on a particular part, Flow XO support can help.