Inline mode - Telegram

(Rotakoi) #1

Is there any way to use a flow in inline mode?

(Dima Azizbekov) #2

Are you mean Inline buttons?

(Rotakoi) #3

Ya kind of , i want to use inline mode in telegram to use a flow , do the same function as a flow ( search flow)

(Karen Barker) #4


Whilst it is possible to set up inline buttons in Flow XO unfortunately we only support these for URL’s, starting chats with other users. In order to be able to switch flows you would need to use the call_back data option in the URL, but unfortunately this isn’t supported at this time I’m afraid.

There’s an idea on our feedback site that you might want to pop over and vote on. :slight_smile:

(Pion) #5

Hey, link to the board isn’t working, can you provide an active link?

And also I think the question was not about buttons but about mode like described there