Improved Free and Standard Plans

(John Jackson) #1

Free Plan

We want you to get real value out of the free plan, so we’ve increased the number of monthly interactions from 100 up to 500.

Remember that you only use one interaction per triggered flow. It doesn’t matter how many messages or actions you send as part of the flow.

All free plan accounts have already been upgraded.

Standard Plan

You now get more for your money on the Standard Plan too, with 5,000 interactions every month and priority support.

See our pricing page for more details.

(Joe Hatch) #2

500 seems a good number :wink:

Time to figure out what I can do with the additional 2,500 flows we have now (I’m thinking infinite loop).

(John Jackson) #3

Yes well I can guarantee that’s a quick way to use them! :grinning:

(Imad Jundi) #4

It is good
But the big problem for me is reseting counters each month
This is making calculation very hard for me.
If I payed for 5000 interactions I should be allowed to consume them all
Or at least make the period one year not one month.