I need an action to stop user answer in other flow


I have a flow with answers without expire time, i need an action to use in an other flow or broadcast to stop interaction, so new flow can send message and questions

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @CaosMkt

Unfortunately, there’s no action that’s built-in which allows you to stop another flow from running. Once a user has been asked a question the bot expects an answer or for the question to expire.

You would need to set the questions to have an expiry time so that they can then receive broadcasts.

One trick that can help is to set an attribute in your question flow just before the question is asked. Once the question is updated you can then update the attribute value.

For example,

  • Attribute for ‘Question’ is set to ‘Started’
  • Question is asked
  • Attribute for ‘Question’ is set to ‘Answered’

In your broadcast flow you could then get the attributes for the user and if the value is ‘Started’ you can wait in the flow for a set amount of time, check the attribute value again and if it’s set to ‘Answered’ you could then try to send the message to them again.


Hi @DanielBeckett,
it is the first broadcast and i have many users pending, many for days (they’ll never reply old questions), so i need to unlock.
I watch admin panel users section but there’s not a massive unlock, only in details of single user.
How could I stop a group of users? or all users?

(Daniel Beckett) #4

I’m sorry but there isn’t currently a way to clear the question state in bulk.