Http request problem (certificate)


Hey there, I’m new to http webhooks so I might be doing something wrong.

First of all, I have a service which can be accessed via link (rest api) like that:

When I simply go to this URL in my browser I get an answer: {“result”:{“STATUS”:“CLOSED” etc etc - command runs successfully.

But when I try to “make http request” in flow XO with these settings:
request URL:
method: GET
content type: None

There is an error in interaction log:
“unable to verify the first certificate”.

I would be grateful if someone could answer to these questions:

  1. Hitting URL with a browser is equal as sending http GET, am I right?
  2. If so, what am I doing wrong? I thought something was wrong with authentification, but even in incognito mode this URL works in my Chrome browser - private token in URL adress allows me to access rest api commands even without authentification.
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