HTTP request error - Webhook failed: response exceeded 10MB

(Andrew Catchpole) #1

I’ve noticed the following error:
Webhook failed: response exceeded 10MB

The issue is that the flow stops and I have no way to re-start automatically.

(Andrew Catchpole) #2

related issue:

(Nathan Stults) #3

Andrew, we do have a size limit on webhook responses. Do you believe that your responses are < 10b? Or if they are over, do you know the max size you are seeing?


(Nathan Stults) #5

Andrew, we have seen this as well, and are actively working on a robust retry mechanism for these timeout failures. In a (near future) update, these will no longer be an issue.


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(Andrew Catchpole) #6

@nathan thanks it will be very good to have a fix. Regards Andrew

(Nathan Stults) #7

Andrew, we have implemented some more robust retries for the timeouts - while timeouts will still occur from time to time, they should no longer cause complete flow failures unless the destination endpoint cannot respond in time on a consistent basis as timeouts and disconnects will be retried several times.

(Andrew Catchpole) #8

okay - will check this