How to stop a flow while it is running?

(Shadyom) #1

I was wondering on how to stop a flow while it is running? is there a way to detect if during a flow a specific word has been said and so it will just stop the flow? thanks

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(Daniel Beckett) #2


There are some preset words that can be used for this:


Either of those will end the current flow if it’s sent to the bot.

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(Shadyom) #3

the bot flow i made is that it gets triggered and every few minutes the bot will post a msg
i said quit and bye in the channel room, but not working ?

(Daniel Beckett) #4

Is the trigger set with an option for ‘Overhear’ on the message types?

(Shadyom) #5

and nothing is working… quit, bye… the flow continues.

Even if i turn of the flow off, it does not stop !! stays active on slack !

(Daniel Beckett) #6


Do you have any kind of loop setup in your flow, i.e. using the Label and GoTo Label actions?

Quit / Bye work whenever the flow is waiting on a question response but if you’re inside a loop without a question the behaviour is a bit different. You would need another flow with a new message trigger (something like ‘Stop’) so that you could set an attribute for ‘Stop’ and then inside your loop check on each pass whether the attribute is set or not, if it is, end the loop / jump to the end of your flow and then reset the attribute back to empty.

If you’re still having trouble please email the support team:

If you can include a share of your flow that would also be very helpful! :slight_smile:


(asengo) #7


I’ve the same problem with the fllow.

Stop, quit, bye etc does not automatically exit the user from the current question and flow on web messenger. It does work on flow xo test console. I’ve ‘Overhear button’ but no change.

Can you pls write me the solution to quit the chat anytime the user type skip or bye


(Daniel Beckett) #8

Hi @asen

What language is your bot set to use in the bot settings?

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(asengo) #9

Hi @DanielBeckett

Thanks! I got it! ‘Quit’ and ‘Bye’ does end the conversation but ‘Stop’ doesn’t. And is there any way i can change the bot’s response to it?

(Daniel Beckett) #10

The current interaction quits either on timeout, or if the user enters a recognised quit keyword (“quit”, “exit”, “goodbye”, “bye”, or “end”).

Unfortunately the list can’t be altered so you can’t add ‘Stop’ as a global quit keyword. If the user is answering a question then you could add filters to check whether they’ve said ‘stop’ and if so end the flow. This would need adding to every question though.

Once the user quits a flow they will receive a default message based on the language that the bot is set to. At the moment this can’t be changed to use custom text.

(Andrew Grove) #11

I found it really difficult to find this info just searching the internet, so it would be helpful to add this to the documentation somewhere. Bye! can seem a bit abrupt and it would be nice to have an option to change this. Also, would it be possible to close the chat window on a web chatbot on Exit? I really like the product though - great work to the team on building a user-friendly app and appealing app.

(Nathan Stults) #12

Thanks for the suggestion - I agree this should be more prominent in our docs, we’ll work on that. And it is also frequently requested to make this ‘stop word’ customizable, so that is on our roadmap, but I don’t have a timeline or ETA just yet.

(Olivier Manuel) #13

I’m interested in this functionality also from a debugging perspective, not even necessarily from an end-user perspective.

I just got into a situation where I was forked off a flow that was looping (to send reminders), and the main flow died, and then I didn’t have a way to kill the other flow. It would be great to in the Interactions UI to just be able to force-kill a flow.

The workaround I’m planning is to register the sub-flow’s id, and when the user starts fresh or tries to stop something, to explicitly cancel that id.