How to show uncertain number rows from google sheet

(Meysam) #1

Hi everybody

I want to show uncertain number rows from my google spreadsheet by cards set (send a card set) to my user.(I know that card set could just show 10 cards).

Note: In card set option you must add certain card(s) manually.

So I want to know:
How can I send my user(s) uncertain cards (max=10) that collected by search google spreadsheet action?

Best regards;

(daniel.beckett) #2

Hi @mooghermez

Unfortunately there’s no way to dynamically control how many cards should be sent but you can use a combination of Collection Outputs and Filters to send different cards with different content based on defined conditions being matched.

For example, you could have different card set actions setup based on the number of returned results and then use the filter to control which one should be sent out. e.g. send card set 3 if result count = 3.

If you are using outputs from a collection i.e. Google Sheets, any cards that don’t have content will be ignored.

So if you set up 10 cards using the collection outputs but when the bot ran, only 7 rows were returned, then only 7 cards would be displayed