How to send broadcast to a particular person?

(Prakhar Monga) #1

I am getting info from my users for registration and saving that info in a gsheet.
When a user registers I am keeping the “registered status” column in gsheet empty.
I will change the value from empty to yes manually.
when I change that column value to yes I want to trigger a broadcast to that particular
user by sending a message you have been registered.
I am saving all info like user id and response path in that sheet.
How is it possible?

(daniel.beckett) #2

Hi @Prakhar_Monga

So long as you have the response path you could use it to message the user directly. The Google Sheets service has a trigger for ‘updated row’ which could start your flow. In the flow you’d then use the ‘Send a Message’ action with a custom response path that you pull from the sheet.

(Prakhar Monga) #3

thanks a lot,
it worked.