How to send a message from different Telegram profile

(Abraham Lincoln) #1

Hello! I catch the users from telegram bot. Im asking some questions, then I need reply to user from my own telegram profile(or profile of my employee). How to do this? Im tried to use user handle, but some user`s have a empty user handle.
Sorry for my bad English.

Second question: I have some users, in my user list, who do not have a User handle, but have response path. How can I reply to this users from my telegram profile?

(Karen Barker) #2

Hi there,

The response path is a unique identifier which allows the bot to contact that user whenever you need. This would allow you to get the bot to send a specific user a message however wouldn’t be usable from your own profile I’m afraid.

The only way I can think for you to manually contact a user would be to use the userhandle which will always be picked up if they have it set. If it’s not set in their profile then I’m afraid I can’t think of a way around this unfortunately. :disappointed: