How to replace ready bot to my own server

(Madi Kulesov) #1

Or how to speed up bot reply, because on your server it works too slow

(Karen Barker) #2

Hi @Madi_Kulesov,

It’s not possible to run Flow XO on your own servers I’m afraid.

What platform are you building your bot for?

Some things to watch out for that could slow your bot down are as follows:

Generally speaking any action which goes to a 3rd party will have longer response times as there will always be a small delay when using webhooks to go out and back in to another service.

Large numbers of keywords especially if the users message is towards the bottom of the list of keywords will definitely make your flow slower to trigger.

If you have many actions filtered in a flow this could also slow your flow down as there will be time spent processing each action which then doesn’t run.

Alternatively if you are doing multiple native processing tasks e.g. date manipulation, saving attributes etc in between message actions then you’ll also see a slightly longer delay than between sending 2 messages directly after each other.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile: