How to pre-fill web page using data from bot


I need to fill 3rd party web-page by using bot. There’s no possibilities to modify etc. these pages, only use like an normal user.
Basically there are some fields (user input text boxes) in the web-page to be filled up with data like name, email, address etc.

Motivation for this is that there are no api etc. to input data in this 3rd party system, only this web-page.

Any creative ideas to do so?

(Karen Barker) #2

HI @merrihasso,

Unfortunately the only way to pass this information across would be to use a webhook to send the data out. It sounds like the 3rd party don’t have the option to do this. Could you use a form post method to the URL of the page and send the data as a query string?


Hi Karen!
Thanks for the prompt answer :thumbsup:
Do you have an example?

(Karen Barker) #4

To send data on a URL you can simply put the https://formURL?name={{namequestionanswer}}&email={{emailquestionanswer}}

It really depends whether the 3rd party can handle this means of integrating with it though.