How to make daily messages?

(Pavel Doronin) #1

Hi all!

Can you help please?

What I would like to do.

Bot should send every day a message.
How can I make a schedule?


(Matt Durr) #2

You can do this with the Wait ( actions. Can set for specific dates, or increments of 24hr etc.

Alternately, if you have an external trigger (e.g. an RSS feed, email, or webhook), you can send data from that in to a broadcast message.

(Pavel Doronin) #3

Coll thx!

And how can I make it daily after subscription - but not early then 09-00 am?


(Karen Barker) #4

Hi Pavel,

Hopefully my email message has answered any further questions but if not please respond there and I’ll help further.


(Peter Edel) #5

can you then let me know how to setup a daily ( at a specific time) message?

(Sarah Palombo) #6

Hi @Peter_Edel :wave:

So using the Wait service, you can either wait for a specific number of hours, or a specific time of day. For example 10am.

Matt mentioned (above) the Broadcast trigger. This can be triggered by an email, a webhook or a new item on an rss feed.

It depends on what kind of content you might want to send in your daily messages? Where will the content come from? - One way would be to use a broadcast webhook. Your flow would look something like this:

Trigger - Broadcast > webhook
Action - Send message
Action - Wait 24h
Action - Webhook to the broadcast webhook address

This would mean that each day at a specific time you would trigger the broadcast flow again and send a message to the user.

Any questions send through an email to :+1: