How to forward messages from bot to group?

(Crypto Boss) #1

i want share or forward messages from bot to my group, how can i do this?

(daniel.beckett) #2


What platform are you using for your bot? Also, do you have a bot added to the group?

Send Private Message in Slack
(Crypto Boss) #3

telegram, yes bot added into group

(daniel.beckett) #4

You could pass over a message from the bot by capturing a response path from your group. For example, if you trigger a flow in your group and check the Interaction Logs you’ll see a response path:

You can copy that and use it as the custom response path in your other flow:

(Crypto Boss) #5

can you explain by steps please, i add bot to group then how i take out repsponse path of “group”?

(Karen Barker) #6

Hi @Crypto_Boss

Once the bot is in the group you’ll need to trigger a flow in that group. You’ll then be able to check the Interaction Logs. Clicking the details button next to the flow you’ve just triggered in the list of Interaction logs will allow you to get the response path of the group as shown by Dan in his screen shots above. :slight_smile: